With Navigart 3 API, one can have informations about movements. A movement is a location where were (or are) artworks.

Informations about movements

The simplest way to have information about a movement is to make a query with its id : curl<id> Informations about movements are available in results, which is an array of movmeents. When you queries one movement, the array contains only one movement.

When you queries the API with standard queries (with ou without filters), results contains the movements matching the filters. An example without filters : curl Here is the response :

                "startIndex": 0,
                "totalCount": 104071,
                "filteredCount": 104071,
                "itemsPerPage": 15,
                "aggregations": {...},
                "results": {...}

As said before, results is an array of movements. Here is the description of important fields you should know (please note that informations are given considering .results[indexOfTheMovement] as root. For example, if it's mentionned ._id, you should understand .results[indexOfTheMovement]._id ).


Filters on movements work like filters on artworks but the available filters are differents. Here is the list of available filters for movements on a publication : curl | jq '.aggregations | keys'

The response is :


The filter "active" is important because you can filter on actually active movements (which are movements that occur right now) and historical movements (which are movements that are finished and occur in the past).

Also, you can filter movements by author, by artwork, by collection, by category, … For example : curl '' curl 'êt' curl '↹BURAGLIO+Pierre' curl ''

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