Getting Started

Getting started

Welcome to the documentation of the Navigart API, it is a RESTful API that produces results in JSON format giving you access to documentary information and media for works of art in a publication of a collection.

Every publication can have its own configuration exposing different fields, different filters etc.

The API is available at the url that was sent to you.
Below you can find various examples of how to use the API.


The vault identifies your datastore. You need to in contact with Videomuseum to get your vault which will give you access to your publication on the API.

In the examples below, the vault 123 is used. Replace it by your own and you will have access to your datas.

API server name

The server name you have to query is given by Videomuseum team. Several servers exist. Each server has is propers vault : if you don't query the API server with your vault, you receive uncorrect response. Servers may have different API version or differents data version. If you query the bad server, you may have unproper response or proper response with old datas. Please, check that you querie the proper server, given by Videomuseum Team.

In the examples below, the server name is used. Replace it by yours and you will have access to your datas.


A response contains the following fields

We will see how to use the facets and the sortOrders below. The results section contains an array of works of art. The specific fields that will be displayed are configured per publication, you should take the time to explore the API results.

NB: The facets section should not be used, it is a temporary solution for facets that may have homonyms and may be deprecated soon. ```

Fetching a precise number of artworks

It is possible to fetch a precise number of artworks, by using size :

GET /123/artworks?size=30


In results part of the response, the startIndex, totalCount and itemsPerPage allow you to paginate through the results using the from and size parameters. Example :

GET /123/artworks?size=30&from=0

If you want the second page : GET /123/artworks?size=30&from=30

And the third page : GET /123/artworks?size=30&from=60

Fetching a single artwork

It is also possible to fetch a particular artwork by ID using a dedicated route i.e. /:DATASTORE/artworks/:ID/.

GET /123/artworks/270000000000112

Fetching a list of known artworks

It is also possible to fetch a list of artworks by their ids:

GET /123/artworks?ids=270000000000112,270000000000113,270000000000114

All datas are not available

You have to be ware that all datas are not available. For now, we have decided to only populate artworks. The others endpoints (authors, medias, notes, …) are not populated.

Please contact us if you want to add datas to your vault.

Contact Us

You may contact us by sending an email to