With Navigart 3 API, one can have informations about artworks. This page does **not** describe all available datas on artwork but presents some of them.

Informations about artworks

The simplest way to have information about an artwork is to make a query with its id : curl<id> Informations about artworks are available in results, which is an array of artworks. When you queries one artwork, the array contains only one artwork.

When you queries the API with standard queries (with ou without filters), results contains the artworks matching the filters. An example without filters : curl Here is the response :

                "startIndex": 0,
                "totalCount": 104071,
                "filteredCount": 104071,
                "itemsPerPage": 15,
                "aggregations": {...},
                "results": {...}

As said before, results is an array of artworks. Here is the description of important fields you should know (please note that informations are given considering .results[indexOfTheArtwork] as root. For example, if it's mentionned ._id, you should understand .results[indexOfTheArtwork]._id ).

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